Jonathan Kesh

Photo of Jonathan Kesh
New York
The New School, New York University
Greek Food, NYC Restaurants, Breweries
  • Jonathan wrote his first food article at his college newspaper, where he covered the opening of a now defunct croque monsieur shop in Greenwich Village.
  • He's an editor at the online literary journal LIT Magazine, where he interviews contemporary authors.
  • He'll try nearly anything that has hummus in it.


Jonathan is a writer, editor, and teacher from San Jose, California, who currently lives in Queens, New York. He's written about a wide range of offbeat topics across several publications such as The Rumpus, Comic Book Resources, Mashable, Content Magazine, and elsewhere. He's also taught writing classes at middle schools in New York City.


Jonathan has an MFA in creative writing from The New School, and an undergraduate degree in media studies from New York University.

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