Allie Sivak

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Denver, CO
Virginia Tech
Baking Techniques, Food Science, Food Culture
  • Allie began her career as a food scientist, most notably working in the test kitchens, laboratories, and manufacturing facilities of Nabisco and Whole Foods Market. She's most proud of developing a line of Whole Foods' traditional and gluten-free baking mixes, as she's loved baking cakes since she was a kid.
  • Her passion for food comes from her innate interest in cuisine, its connection to culture, and the way it brings people together. Whether it's discussing ideas about how to improve food equity in our communities, eating her way through travel, or simply gathering over a meal with her friends, she is ever-curious and motivated about the way food connects us.
  • Through her writing about the intersection of food, story-telling, and culture, she hopes to be a thought leader and conversation-starter about the joy, complexity, and importance of food in our world.


Allie is a freelance writer based in Denver, Colorado. She started studying journalism in high school, where she was the Opinions column editor for her school newspaper. Though she started her college education and career off as a food scientist in 2015, she remembers telling herself that one day she would combine her love of food and writing. In 2019, she committed to this vision by beginning her own blog and writing for food marketing agencies. She then started contributing for local food publications and restaurant reviews as a way to get to know and experience the cities where she lived. Her writing has been featured in publications including Yoga Journal, 5280 - Denver's Mile High Magazine and the Female Foodie Blog restaurant review.


Allie has Bachelors of Science degrees in Food Science and Dairy Science.

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