Store Your Jell-O Shots Upside Down For Easy Consumption

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Let's face it: you can't really go wrong with Jell-O shots because they combine the best of what we enjoyed at parties as kids (Jell-O) and what we love at parties as adults (a bit of hooch). These boozy jelly shots are also incredibly versatile, so you can put your home mixologist and bartending skills to work and make Jell-O shot versions of your favorite cocktails. Is your group partial to margaritas? Make Jell-O shots with tequila and margarita mix, complete with a salted rim on the Jell-O cup for the full effect. Or, try the popular pickle juice-whiskey combination to make pickleback-inspired shots. And no party is too classy for a batch of champagne Jell-O shots topped with strawberry pop rocks.

Once you start getting creative with your Jell-O shot flavors, you need to ensure that people enjoy them as they're meant to be enjoyed — as a shot. The trick to making your Jell-O shot come out in one easy "slurp" is to store them upside down while the gelatin sets. Disposable 2 ounce plastic cups with lids work best for this, so your guests don't have to use their tongues to dig out stray bits of boozy jelly from their cups (unless, of course, that's something you want them to do).

Make foolproof upside down Jell-O shots using cooking spray

For perfect jelly shots that guests can throw back like a regular liquid shot, use a combination of cooking spray and upside down storage. Before pouring in the liquid gelatin mix, give the cups and their lids a light misting of cooking spray. It's important to spray the inside of the lids as well so that your Jell-O shot doesn't stick to them when opened. Use a paper towel to wipe off excess oil and ensure the walls of the cup are evenly coated. And don't worry; cooking spray doesn't add any unwanted flavors to your delicious shot.

Next, pour in the alcohol-gelatin mix, secure the lids, and turn the plastic cups upside down before refrigerating the batch. Give them at least three hours to set, and more if required. If you find that your shots are still too runny after several hours in the fridge, it's probably because the alcohol content is too high, and they need more gelatin to set.

If you're worried about the shots not setting or getting stuck in the container, party syringes work well, as they come with a plunger to push the shot out. You can also make a large batch of boozy jelly in a baking tray and cut it into cubes for easy consumption. These Jell-O cubes are perfect for summer picnics, and you can use the ice tray hack to ensure they remain chilled even when you're partying in the sun.