TikTok's Viral Solution That Takes The Bite Out Of Tequila

Tequila undoubtedly packs a punch. No matter if it is a smoother añejo or sharper reposado, the agave-based liquor can contain anywhere between 35% and 55% alcohol content, meaning that even the mildest variety will grace your tastebuds with an alcoholic kick. As with most alcoholic beverages, tequila drinkers tend to fall into two camps: those who seek the robust flavors and kick of a quality tequila (and know to look at the back of a tequila bottle to assess its quality). Then, there are those who prefer to taste the stuff as little as possible. They will either throw it back in a shot with lime and salt or try to disguise it in a cocktail full of complementary ingredients. 

A tequila recipe that has taken the social media world by storm, particularly on TikTok, is one that might satisfy both kinds of tequila drinkers. This unexpected recipe combines tequila with a rather unusual mixer: apple juice.

A combination that can turn a skeptic

Many folks can probably remember sipping apple juice out of a pouch in the schoolyard, and the idea of mixing it with an adult-only tequila creates quite the juxtaposition. Many TikTokers rave about this mixture, as the tangy sweetness of the former both complements and quells the sharp flavor of the latter. One video seals the deal on the legitimacy of this drink. A professional bartender took to TikTok to review the unlikely combination, sharing her initial doubt and real-time reaction. 


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After taking a hesitant sip of the apple juice and tequila combo, she appears pleasantly surprised, admitting "It's really good." You may notice that she does not measure her apple juice and tequila portions, but rather eyeballs each as she pours. That is part of the beauty of this combination — depending on how much you like tequila, or would like to mask it, you can decide on your ratio of bitter tequila to sweet apple juice.

Apples have long belonged in the world of alcohol

Mixing apple juice and tequila is not as novel an idea as you may think. Though apple juice, in particular, may not be the most common mixer you will find at a bar, apple-based beverages are certainly no stranger to the alcohol space. For instance, take a classic hard cider, the sweeter, bubbly alternative to beer. The appletini, made from vodka and green apple schnapps, rose to popularity in the late 90s, and some bartenders are rooting for their return. Apples even play a leading role in the boozy origins behind Snapple's name. One of the company's first products was carbonated apple juice. At one point, the juice fermented in the bottles, and the pressure from the excess carbon dioxide caused the caps to pop right off. From then on, the 'snappy apple' juices adopted the name Snapple.

The bottom line is that apple juice is a more than plausible mixer for tequila. Countless social media users can confirm that apple juice will do the job if you want to take the bite out of your tequila.