Is Aldi Closed On Easter?

Easter's coming, and whether you're excited about the decorated eggs or that scrumptious Easter dinner (especially if you've avoided meat during Lent), it's time to restock. This year, Easter Sunday is on March 31, and in case you need to make a quick grocery run on the holiday, it's worth pausing for a moment and checking whether the store is open. 

Aldi, unfortunately, is closed on Easter, so if you're a regular and have already charted out what to buy and what to skip there, you may have to go the day before. However, even if you're all stocked up, keeping a couple of backup stores in case you need to run out for some last-minute chocolate rabbits is a good idea. Several supermarket chains work reduced hours on holidays, and some remain closed, so save yourself a wasted trip and last-minute hassle by ensuring the store you're headed to is open.

Aldi is closed, but these stores are open on Easter

Aldi stores are closed on Easter and other major holidays like New Year's Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. However, the chain does keep its stores open for limited hours on Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day. You can even pick up last-minute party supplies on New Year's Eve and Christmas Eve. However, if you're ever worried about wasting a trip, use the store locator on the Aldi website to check your nearest location's hours of operation. 

The good news is that several other major grocery stores will remain open on the holiday, so chances are there's an outlet close that'll be open on Easter. Walmart and Trader Joe's stores will be open during their regular hours on the holiday. Food Lion branches will also be open, but the operating hours will vary depending on location, so it's best to check before you go. Whole Foods, Safeway, and The Food Emporium outlets will be open but at reduced hours. 

While not a grocer, you can always head to CVS stores and pharmacies on Easter since most are 24/7. If you were thinking of grabbing a good deal on a Costco pizza pie for Easter, you might have to do so the day before since all Costco warehouses will be closed on the holiday. And sorry fans, but all Target outlets will also be closed on Easter Sunday.