What Does Dirt Soda Taste Like? These Brothers Found Out

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The Mashed Bros Brian and Scott Wilson are at it again. But this time, instead of eating 21 chicken sandwiches, they dug into something a little less appetizing. In a game of soda roulette the brothers' assignment from Mashed was to try 20 mystery drinks, and the bullet in the chamber they wanted to dodge the most was the appetizing-to-no-one dirt soda. 

During their game of soda roulette, the brothers tried several sodas made to taste like foods we love, but perhaps wouldn't care to try in beverage form — from enchilada to mustard. Yet, since there's no natural reason dirt soda would appeal to even the most culinary adventurous among us, we're deferring to them to give us an idea of what the experience of guzzling it was like. 

Upon sniffing the cup containing the dirt soda, Scott asserted that it smelled like "plastic pool toys," and Brian said, "I think we got a bad one here." It was, in fact, a bad one — just not the one they thought. The brothers both agreed that their best guess for the flavor was leather, but since they incorrectly predicted 11 out of 20 soda flavors, we're not sure the could be considered super-tasters.

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"We ate dirt," Brian said plaintively after revealing a bottle of soda they assumed was going to be labeled "new shoes." Still, Scott refuted, "I've eaten dirt before, and that's not what it tastes like." If the concept of dirt soda isn't enough to turn you away, according to Brian, whether this soda actually tastes like dirt or not, it "gets worse the more you drink it."

If this review has somehow piqued your curiosity, then you're in luck: you can get a 12-ounce bottle of the dirt soda they tried on Amazon and at other retailers for just under $10. Oddly enough, with 416 customer reviews, the Amazon listing for this soda has 3.9 out of 5 stars. So, it seems taste really is subjective, after all. 

If you'd rather trust in professionals like the Mashed Bros, though, you may want to opt instead for the coconut cream lime soda featured in the video. They were big fans of this one, with Scott contently stating it, "tastes like you're on a beach." We'd rather be on a beach than eat dirt any day. But, hey — that's just us. 

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