Which Trader Joe's Frozen Appetizer Won The Customer Award In 2024?

Who needs movie and TV awards season when you've got the Trader Joe's Customer Awards? (Well, you don't have to choose between the two, but if you're a foodieblog, you probably have stronger opinions about the latter.) This January, Trader Joe's celebrated its 15th year of honoring customer favorites across major categories, a lesser-known tradition that's become a highlight in the grocery chain's calendar. If you're curious about the process and want to join in, Trader Joe's typically invites customers to vote via Instagram in early January, where a link leads to an open voting page on the company's website. After the votes are tabulated throughout the week, the winners are announced across social media, the Trader Joe's website, and the company's in-house podcast.

While the Chili & Lime Flavored Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips (say that 10 times fast) swept both the overall and snack categories this year, a different fan favorite came out on top in the appetizer category — Creamy Spinach & Artichoke Dip. Not to be confused with its refrigerated counterparts like Spinach & Kale Greek Yogurt Dip, Sour Cream Spinach Dip, or Artichoke & Jalapeno Dip — this frozen delight won shoppers over with its melty, cheesy, savory appeal.

What's so great about TJ's Spinach & Artichoke Dip?

If you're wondering why other crowd favorites like Everything And the Elote Greek Style Yogurt Dip or Roasted Hatch Chile & Jalapeño Cheese Dip got snubbed for the appetizer nomination, don't throw a tortilla chip at the screen in protest. (And certainly don't bring up discontinued favorites like Organic Buffalo Style Hummus. We're still processing the losses.) Let us explain.

The Spinach & Artichoke Dip garnered its top spot for good reason. Its rich, creamy texture paired with a hearty dose of vegetables is a classic combination. Preparing the dip is remarkably easy, too. Simply pop it in the microwave, top with a sprinkle of cheese, and within minutes it will transform into a delightful, melty dip. You can serve it with tortilla chips or bread, but fans also suggest incorporating it into other dishes. It's an easy way to amp up pasta sauces and gratins or add as a flavor-boosting spread to sandwiches and pizzas. Its adaptability is part of the charm.

If you don't believe us, check out what folks are saying on social media. On one Trader Joe's Instagram post featuring the dip, @laceytcufitchick couldn't hold back her excitement, commenting, "I just tried the spinach artichoke dip today and I'm in love. I have to come back and buy in bulk!" On Reddit, u/snarkIguana expressed a similar sentiment in a r/traderjoes thread, "The frozen dip is my life. I had to stop buying it. It's too good."

Runner-ups in the appetizer category

Though the Spinach & Artichoke Dip took this year's top appetizer honor, several others also captured the hearts of Trader Joe's patrons. The Mac and Cheese Bites, a long-standing favorite since 2010, recently received a makeover. They now boast a creamier cheese filling and a lighter panko crust, enhancing their appeal. The Parmesan Pastry Pups are another crowd-pleaser, offering a sophisticated twist on the classic pigs in a blanket. These treats feature nitrate-free hot dogs wrapped in flaky puff pastry, topped with a sprinkle of Parmesan.

Not to be overlooked, the Greek Spanakopita brings a taste of the Mediterranean to the table. This appetizer consists of delicate filo dough filled with a mix of spinach, leeks, onions, herbs, and cheeses, creating a savory and crispy dish. Lastly, the Vegetable Bird's Nests with Soy Dipping Sauce remain a cherished choice among customers. These crispy, oniony bites served with a sweet soy dip have consistently been a hit.

Although these runners-up, and maybe even your favorite appetizer, didn't win this year's top prize, they all play an important role in the Trader Joe's production. The next time you peruse the aisles at Trader Joe's (since you can't shop there online), you're bound to find a new item worthy of your vote.