The Viral Christmas Cocktail That Looks Like You're Drinking From A Snow Globe

For many, getting into the Christmas spirit requires a good amount of preparation. Putting up certain decorations, breaking out certain albums, and watching certain movies all aid in ushering in the warm feeling we associate with the season. But, for some lucky people, all it takes to get their inner sleigh bells jingling is a few swigs of a festive cocktail! Fortunately, the yuletide season is overflowing with fun and innovative ways to imbibe. Today, we'll take a look at a viral drink that genuinely has to be seen to be believed: the "Christmas Tree Snow Globe Cocktail" popularized by Instagram creator @ainttooproudtomeg!

This ingenious serving method gives the impression that you're sipping from a snow globe, creating an otherworldly experience. And even though it gives the impression of a work of art, this cocktail hack is deceptively simple to achieve. It takes a bit of preparation, but the delight it will bring your holiday party guests is more than worth it! 

How to prepare a snow globe cocktail

Putting these snow globe-like cocktails together isn't difficult, but it does require a bit of prep. After all, you can't put together a handsome holiday concoction without a little ... concocting! First off, according to the viral post, you will need to get your hands on some fresh rosemary sprigs to give the illusion of a wintry, evergreen forest inside your drink. After filling your preferred freezer-safe cocktail glass with about an inch of water, place a sprig upside-down in the center of the glass, so the herb stands upright like a mighty Christmas tree. Pop the glass into the freezer so the water solidifies (this should take around 3 to 4 hours) and gather your cocktail accoutrements and garnishes in the meantime! 

Once the water is frozen into an icy tundra, the sprig should now uncannily resemble a pine tree after a snowfall. One of the best parts about this serving method is there's no specific cocktail with which you need to fill the glass. Any holiday drink, so long as you can make out the holiday scene within, is allowed! However, for maximum "snow globeiness," it is recommended to use a clear, carbonated liquid. The bubbles will create the impression of swirling snowflakes around your woodland setting, and transport any onlookers to a serene winter wonderland. Happy holidays, indeed! 

Holidays are time for cocktail innovation

While this snow globe serving method is certainly eye-catching, it isn't the only way that alcohol can be jazzed up around the holiday season. For instance, more fruit-forward drinkers may want to veer in the direction of the deep crimson and festively refreshing pomegranate gin fizz around the winter months. Similar to the Pomegranate French 75 (which would also fit the bill), this drink puts a spin on that classic cocktail by utilizing rich, condensed pomegranate juice referred to as "pomegranate molasses"  for a Christmas soiree. 

Another drink that will get your guests' halls decked is the creamy Christmas mojito. Using the standard mojito as a springboard, this drink puts a yuletide spin on it by incorporating coconut rum and coconut milk to replace the rum and soda. This gives the drink a creamy, comforting infusion that is perfectly at home for the holidays. These drinks, along with the rosemary snow globe, will bring a festive flair to your party, making it one people will be talking about for years to come. 

So the next time you're hard-pressed to find a snazzy winter drink that is sure to impress even your most Scrooge-esque guests, give the snow globe a fair shake! It's a cold drink, but it's sure to warm some hearts with its playful spirit ... and its totally-up-to-you alcohol content!