Sorry To Disappoint, But Froot Loops Are All The Same Flavor

There's nothing that will bring a smile to your face more than a great big bowl of breakfast cereal. With all manner of incredible varieties, the supermarket cereal shelves are a veritable treasure trove of deliciousness. Some taste like chocolate, others taste like cinnamon, and then there are the fruit ones, like Froot Loops, which taste like... well, hold on a second, what exactly do they taste like? Froot Loops are, obviously, a full rainbow of colors, but when it comes to taste, matters get a tad tougher to pinpoint. Sure, they're meant to taste like fruit, but there are so many different kinds. Which fruits are the titular ones? Do we have to ask Toucan Sam to get to the bottom of this?

According to a blind taste test organized by the Food Beast, Froot Loops are all the same flavor despite their distinct coloring. This may be disheartening news to hear and a bitter blow to anyone with a whimsical, child-like spirit who maybe thought a red Froot Loop indicated a cherry flavor, or ditto green for lime. But, as harsh as reality can be sometimes, we can take comfort in knowing what exactly this mystery flavor is meant to impersonate before we grab the milk and "follow our noses" to another heaping helping. 

Froot Loops flavor: revealed

Though they come in six colors (red, orange, green, blue, yellow, and purple) the actual flavor of Froot Loops is, according to the Kellog's company, meant to approximate a pleasant blend of seven fruits: lime, lemon, cherry, orange, apple, blueberry, and raspberry. Now, whether or not they've achieved that particular feat is up for debate, but at the very least, the taste of Froot Loops is undeniably unique. The fact that the cereal utilizes a single flavor, rather than respective ones for each corresponding loop, provides a consistency to your bowl and your bite. 

Additionally, it's likely that the cost of using six different flavors for each color of Froot Loop would be far more expensive to produce than just the single, classic Froot Loop taste. The different colors of the cereal pieces create the illusion of individuality anyway, which is a tactic used in other cereal varieties such as Trix and Fruity Pebbles. The ingredients in each cereal is certainly different, but they share the same idea when it comes to multi-color pieces with the same flavorings throughout, regardless of hue.  

Color affects our flavor perception

It's no surprise that folks expect foods of certain colors to taste like certain flavors they associate with them. Humans begin to associate certain colors with various types of foods from birth and liken them subconsciously to certain tastes and flavors throughout the rest of their life. This is the reason most enjoyers of Froot Loops feel slightly swindled when they're either notified, or come to the realization on their own, that the different loops in their cereal box all have the same root taste. The disconnect between what they expected wasn't reality, and that can be a pretty heavy notion to deal with, especially before you've gotten a chance to sip your coffee!

Despite the homogeneity in the flavor department, Froot Loops are an always pleasant experience that will keep you coming back to the cereal aisle to pop another box into your shopping cart. Maybe someday Kellogg's will experiment with alternate tastes, but for now, why mess with success? Why, next you'll be asking to make the loops square shaped, too!