You Should Be Adding Eggs And Mayo To Instant Ramen

Instant ramen is easy to make, convenient, and inexpensive, but above all, it is delicious. However, the reputation of instant ramen has for decades been tied with dorm rooms and bachelor pads, often maligned as a food of necessity rather than enjoyment. And okay, folks do choose to pick packs or cups of them up for their convenience, but that doesn't make them any less delicious.

The trick to zhuzshing one up is the right add-ins. To thicken the broth into something with a rich and creamy consistency, simply add some egg and mayo to the mix. To do so without your ramen becoming a chunky mess, you will want to first crack an egg into a bowl, and then squeeze in some mayo then mix the two along with the ramen seasoning packet. You can use any mayonnaise for this recipe, but those most serious about the endeavor are going to reach for Kewpie mayo, which is richer than typical American mayonnaises. Once these three ingredients are well mixed, you can then pour the cooked noodles and water into the mixture and stir. This will result in a perfectly creamy and delicious soup.

Pump up the base (of your soup)

Many home cooks/creators have taken to platforms like TikTok to share the benefits of adding eggs and mayonnaise to instant ramen mixes. On the surface, the mixture may seem like a poor match for ramen. Though soft-boiled eggs are commonly seen gracing bowls, adding a raw egg to a hot liquid can conjure thoughts of a curdled egg, which, before you ask, isn't the intended texture. And mayonnaise doesn't seem like an intuitive choice for a soup recipe either, considering that it's a condiment. However, combining the two ingredients can result in a delightfully creamy final product, but proper execution is key.

Plopping an egg directly into your broth will result in a curdled mess, but properly incorporated, they can make a fantastic thickening agent for your base.  And this is where the mayonnaise comes in. The egg yolk emulsifies perfectly with the egg-based mayo to make the ingredients more hydrophilic, and less likely to separate when water is added in. To combine your egg and mayo, use a utensil of your choosing, and stir the two ingredients until they are completely combined. You also want to temper the mixture by slowly adding in water, so the eggs don't curdle under the rapid introduction of heat. Of course, getting the soup base right is just the start of creating the perfect bowl. Once you get your base right, you can start aiming for the top(pings). 

Topping your bowl

With all of that richness, you might also want to add some vegetables to your recipe. One popular add-in for ramen is green onions, which are usually included as a topping. However, if you want a more substantive addition to your bowl, spinach might be the perfect choice as it is both flavorful and cooks down quickly. Another simple item to include is kimchi; the fermented cabbage side dish makes an excellent topping for your ramen, and its tangy taste will play well with your egg-mayo base. 

Then again, you might want to try something more filling. Proteins and fats in the carb-rich noodle soup can stretch it out to become a whole meal, and adding simple, prepared meats such as sliced spam to your bowl of ramen, hotdogs, or rotisserie chicken is sure to add heartiness and flavor. However, if creaminess is what you're after, adding a slice of American cheese to your soup can balance out spiciness and add a cheesy twist to your soup.

These are just some of the possible mix-ins for your instant ramen when it comes to the prepackaged soup mix, there are no limits to customization. And it can be easy to get lost in the possibilities. So it might be helpful to start with one simple hack to improve your bowl, and the addition of egg and mayo to your base is a great place to start.