2 Bros Ate 21 Chicken Sandwiches And This Chain Called The Cops

Two months after eating 30 state fair foods in 10 hours, brothers Brian and Scott Wilson decided to film themselves (on behalf of Mashed) on another quest: sampling the chicken sandwiches at 21 different restaurants. They likely thought it would be a fun, filling day that would maybe end with some stomachaches. What they probably didn't envision was Jack in the Box calling the cops on them.

As the pair ordered two Cluck sandwiches at the drive-thru, the Jack in the Box employee told them that a couple of customers had come into the store to complain about being videotaped by the brothers. The Wilsons showed their shirts, which said "mashed," but it was too late. The worker explained that he'd called the cops because they were scaring the customers.

"They're probably on their way," Scott said of law enforcement. "He didn't like us," Brian remarked on the drive-thru worker. However, the police officer actually ended up bringing the brothers their sandwiches and, while they apologized for the waste of his time, he smiled and told them, "You're all good, man." They then attempted to move on from the incident and try the Jack in the Box sandwich, but they couldn't help cracking jokes. "It's kind of hard to run from the cops when you have 13 sandwiches in your body," quipped Scott.

Social media has people nervous about being recorded

With people constantly taking videos for TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms, it's not surprising that, once in a while, the police are called. Some of the incidents that have resulted in cops being called are for genuinely illegal activities, such as people filming themselves shoplifting or performing pranks like eating ice cream out of a container at a store and then putting it back. However, these days, even people in the vicinity of an active camera are wary of being recorded, often out of fear that an unguarded moment will go viral online, or that the video could be manipulated and show up somewhere unexpected.

As for the Wilson brothers, despite getting the police called on them, they were still fans of Jack in the Box and its Cluck sandwiches. "Chicken seemed real. The bun was fantastic," Brian stated. "I want to say I was impressed with Jack in the Box. I would give it a B," Scott decided. After another couple of stops, Scott and Brian thought it may be a good idea to check their blood pressure. While both had pretty high results, they still continued their chicken sandwich saga, determined to finish what they'd started — luckily, no other restaurants contacted the authorities.

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